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Drone Doctor - Repair Services

Is Your drone is having problems? Do not waste any more time. Bring your drone in to see one of our Drone Doctors. Our Drone Doctors are quadcopter and FPV experts and they will analyze your drone and get your drone back in the air in not time.
How to make an appointment? Simple call one of our representatives or e-mail us to make an appointment thats convenient for you today!

Drone Doctor Diagnosis : $25.00 minimum fee for any drone brought to our repair center

One of our tech savvy doctors will inspect your drone and give you a full diagnosis on what is wrong. Click here for a sample diagnosis report. 

Drone Doctor Repair Service: $55/hr or 10hr package $400.00
Based on the diagnosis report given to you by one of our Drone Doctors, know exactly how many hours it will take before your baby is good like new.

Skype Service: $45.00 minimum fee per hour

Get online with one of our Drone Doctors and show us through picture or video any issues your drone is having. Feel free to ask any questions you may have along the way and get ready for tips that will get you back into action in no time. 

Drone Engineer - Build Service

You just want to fly? Choose your parts and let us do the rest. Our team of professional drone engineers will assemble your drone the way you want it and when you want it. And we'll be proud of it too. 

Micro Build 130-150mm Frame

Basic Build: $100.00
With OSD: +$15.00
3D Printed Parts: +$25.00

Racing Class 180mm-250mm

Basic Build: $85.00
With OSD: +15.00
3D Printed Parts: +30.00

Custom Drone - please contact us at [email protected]

Have any questions or comments about one of our services? Do not hesitate another moment, send us an e-mail at  [email protected] we will be more than happy to get back to you as quickly as possible.