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TBRC Apex Mini Wing

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The TBRC Apex is the hottest little wing to come out of Canada. It's 700mm (27.5") wingspan allows it to be flown in small parks like a baseball diamond without any problems. At a size like this using mini quad parts will make it a fantastic little flyer.

The TBRC Apex is made of durable EPP foam. It can be built nice and light which will make it handle even the most heart pounding crashes.


The kit comes supplied with the foam wing cores, spars, winglets, elevons, equipment bay hatch, 3mm laminate, ply wood motor mount, yellow motor plate, control horns and a decal set.

The included yellow motor plate allows you to easily attach your miniquad motor to the supplied wooden motor mount.


Designed to run on a 1300mah 3s battery, this plane is able to be built with a 2s setup if you're wanting to keep it a light little floater, or a 4s setup if you're really wanting to scream across the sky



The CG is 100mm from the nose.


Recommended Electronics


Motor: 1806 2300kv

Battery: 1300mah 3s

Servo: 5g metal gear

Esc: 12a ESC

Propeller: 5x4.5

FPV Gear

VTX: Nano VTX from AltitudeRC

Camera: Pico Camera